Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The past few days have been crazy. Sunday we flew to Chicago for a meeting. Once we landed our phones went bonkers. A fire had broken out and Susan wanted to know what to do with all the animals. We formulated a plan. Susan, Ray and Lee loaded up the rv and the trailer. The trailer had the chickens in it and the cats were inside. Our buddy Ray drove the whole flock down to his house in Santa Fe. We bought one way tickets home - $1000 - and we got back home: just in time for a state trooper to tell us we could drive up to the house. Back to Santa Fe we went. The wind rocked the rv all night as we slept fitfully. Our 3rd fire evacuation in ~10 years. I'm not sure I like living here.


Ariel said...

:-( I'm saying a prayer. :-(

EsterElla said...

So glad everyone is okay including the kittehs and the Kevins. When I was about 14 we had to evacuate as a forest fire was coming up and over the hill right next to where we lived. So many friends came over and helped us load a lot of our stuff in trucks and cars and ran it to safety. Thankfully the fire miraculously missed us and our next door neighbors (the only other people that lived on our hill) and the evacuation ended up being unnecessary.

Fire is such a scary thing. Well, anything Mother Nature related, actually. It just reminds us how fragile life really is.

<3 Here's hoping you guys stay safe and the house is spared. My thoughts are with you guys!

Lynne4444 said...

WOW. Fantastic friends, kudos to them. Hope all stays well in your area.