Thursday, February 24, 2011

You'd Think ......

I love funny error messages from websites. This one came up yesterday while I was at a buddies blog. Pretty cute! Seems like people are getting a sense of humor with their error messages.

A few updates in this blog. We picked up our new car last night. It is so dreamy. Like riding in a spaceship. I'll have to post more photos and maybe a video.

Project 333 is still moving along and I'm making a lot of progress with getting ride of stuff that isn't right. Just this past week I wore a blue shirt that has been in my dresser for the past 3 years. I hated it. I know I was keeping it in case I needed a long sleeve blue shirt. But, it has never fit right and is way too heavy of a t-shirt for me. Another one GONE! What I've been doing this month is rotating things in that were pulled out for January and testing them out. Wearing them for a day and seeing if I have any problems with them. Seems like now that I pay attention I have issues with some of my clothing more that I love them. I have a small set of "perfect" things that I just adore wearing and the rest is so-so. All so-so items go into the charity pile. I'm sure once spring/summer comes (which shouldn't be long) I'll be doing this same thing with all of those clothes and I might - just might - be able to fit both winter and summer wardrobes in the closet at the same time.


Lynne4444 said...

Congrats on the new car. and Great idea with the Project 333. Good way to clean things out. I love it!

Nina said...

Tumblr got this from my favorite webcomic, The Oatmeal:

Someone at Tumblr reads it too, apparently!