Friday, July 30, 2010

Garden Garlic.

I've never grown garlic before. In January I had a few cloves that were going to go bad (sprouting little green heads). So, I tossed them in the garden. Did nothing else. And now I have ... well garlic cloves. Very strange. I read that when the top starts to die you should pull them. These tops were getting a little brown so I thought I'd check them out. Garlic bread anyone? They are currently drying and should be ready for eating in a few weeks!

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Lynne4444 said...

Yummy! I love, love garlic! and the added bonus to it is that it keeps the mosquitoes away. I am currently munching on some spicy pickled garlic that is to die for. DD can smell me a mile a way so had to tone it down for a while. :(