Thursday, April 01, 2010


As the construction guys are talking about paint - I'm thinking about colors. Like any of these?

We got an update from the fiber folks that included information about all of the "fiber" items that were taken out of the house. There is nothing like seeing all of your possession on a list which a dolor amount to clean that really puts your life into focus. A list of interesting things in our life.

87 bags of yarn
73 pairs of shoes (5 were Mike's)
10 pairs of slippers (1 was Mike's)
60 lbs of fabric
249 lbs of clothing
4 large fabric bags
82 medium fabric bags
37 small fabric bags

I use the fabric bags for organizing stuff in the house.

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Val in the Rose Garden said...

Beautiful colors!

Hey lady, you won my giveaway! :) I am over here, thinking what you would like, so how about bowl covers? Or a pillow case dress? Which one?

Email me and let me know. :) BlueRoseMama @