Sunday, February 28, 2010


I hate not being organized. One of those things that just gets under my skin and drives me nuts. While at the local hardware store yesterday I got some 1/2 gallon jars for putting dried stuff in. I like to be able to see what is in them and have them be nice and tightly sealed (not that we have rodents or anything). When I told Katie (the super old lady at the shop) what I was doing with them she said, "When my kids were young and a mouse had gotten into the white rice - I just told them it was wild rice. They never knew the difference and it was cooked. They didn't die or anything"

Mike got home from 2 weeks over seas. One day at home (relaxing on the couch with Methow) and then this morning he was off again (we got up at 2am so that he could catch a 6am flight).

So here is my pondering. I'm sipping my black cup of coffee and eating a waffle covered in fresh berries and thinking about cleaning (go ahead - call me OCC). I'd like to move everything from the kitchen out and just start over. Maybe even replace the sink, counters ... the whole kit and caboodle. Of course this is a far off dream (there are other things on the house re-model list that come first). But, to get part way there I could always reorganize. How much time do other people spend doing this? Are you forever finding the PERFECT spot for your things?


Jennifer (Avivah) said...

Seriously, you have got to relax. I've never known anyone to go so nuts over cleaning as you. And now you are starting to obsess over how much others do compared to you???

I'll give this one to you without a fight - you win.


onthemove - klh said...

So, my friend, I have never lived any place as long as you have. I find a home for things when I first arrive. If I screwed up, it is obvious as I empty the dishwasher or unload rearrange...after that, I mostly just empty things and clean them...and put things right back.