Sunday, April 06, 2008

When The Outdoors Kills

I have probably never felt as bad as I have this weekend. First, I got a Wii. Which means that on Friday night I spent way too much time bowling (leading to a sore rear on Saturday morning).

Saturday was filled with a trip to the dump, unloading a shed, digging up trees and weeds, another trip to the dump. Ending with 9 people helping us move our shed across the yard. All of this is occurring outside where my allergies are making it very difficult for me not to sneeze and scratch at my eyes.

I wake up this morning to feel even MORE sore than I did on Saturday morning, and my right eye is swollen. I mean really really swollen. It looks like I ran into a wall or something. Anyway, today was putting all of the crap back into the shed, another trip to the dump, and transferring my closet from winter to summer. I'm now wearing fuzzy pink slipper and sitting on the couch drinking a large glass of water. For a 2 day weekend I sure am TIRED!!!!!

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