Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bathroom Update

The long and short of the bathroom remodel is more long than short. We pulled out everything. Found that the toilet was a mess. Shall we say an absolute mess. The previous owners wanted the back of the toilet to be flush with the wall - so they just mounted the toilet off set(closer to the wall). This means that half of the toilet bottom is over the tile and slab of the house. Use your imagination. Then the plumber found (while digging up our foundation) that the flange was too high on the toilet ... so they pushed really hard on the pipe. This changed the angle of the flow and thus backed up. Finally, while pushing hard they broke the pipe slightly and water was dripping out. Tree roots found the water and started to fill up the pipe.

The photos are of the bathroom empty and the new pipe in the floor. The plumber is coming back on Friday and is going to fill it with cement. I can't wait to have the floor back together.

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emuneedlefingers said...

That's a real crapper.
can't wait to see it when it is done!