Monday, March 09, 2015

Raising a Family

Part of my issue with social media is the competitiveness it gives each and every one of us.  You see people climbing, biking or doing whatever and you feel the need to compete with this.  The worst, currently for me, is parenting.  Too many parents compare their children.  I see them using Facebook, Twitter or blogs to basically talk about how their kids are the greatest children on Earth.  Each of us loves our kids like no other (um hello - they are our children).  But, comparing them is wrong.

Each person has strengths and weaknesses (even as children).  There is no perfect human and even if your kids is the smartest one in this city or state, I can guarantee you there is a smarter child somewhere in the universe.  Learning humility, compassion and love are more important than learning you are the smartest or prettiest kid out there.

Too often I see kids tearing other kids apart for their faults, instead of seeing what the other child has to offer.  They have learned this.  They learned it from you parents out there.

My kid is special and perfect and neat to me because she is my kid.  I don't expect, nor want, others to feel the same way.   Parenting is hard.  Each time a kid changes or grows you face new issues.  Working and raising a family is a crazy amount of work that requires focus and dedication (to the family, child and yourself).   No parent needs other parents picking their choices or ways apart.  How about I raise my family the way I'd like and you do the same?  Let my child be wild and crazy and keep your comments to yourself.

In particular, in case you aren't getting the point, my special message to other mothers out there  .... you can be catty, bitchy, mean and aggressive but in the end what does it get you? 

I'm here to raise a strong and passionate daughter who will help other women, not tear them apart.  Please take the hint!