Thursday, May 29, 2008


Here is the photo of Courtney from the weekend of fun. Doesn't she look adorable with her new short brown hair?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Long Weekends

This past weekend was 5 glorious days off. The first day was filled with rain/snow. Courtney showed up for the summer though (which was super cool). We had dinner out with great friends, we did yard work, I sewed up a skirt (which took 2 days longer than I thought it should ... photos coming once I get someone to take them), cage fighting night with screaming friends and large pans of enchiladas. I haven't seen Indy yet (which I need to do this week)

Funny picture from a friend at work (which I happen to totally agree with).

Photos from dinner out coming soon.

New The Wire word - Shorties (a.k.a girls)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Wire

Last night we watched 3 episodes of The Wire (an HBO show that takes place in Baltimore). Mouser said that it would help me with my street vocabulary. Last night I learned two new words. Mope (someone who speaks and dresses ghetto) and beshitted (something that becomes shit). Beshitted will have to be worked into every day use!

More to come as the show continues.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

On Their Back

Lately I've been hearing mellow songs and just grooving on them. There is one that is titled, "on their back" ... which has nothing to do with what you are thinking. It is playing right now and fantastic!

Recently I've seen two movies that I need to see again to even understand. First is Southland Tales. It seems like one of those movies that if you were drunk or high you might get. But, I just couldn't follow what was happening. The second is Revolver. It was written by two of my FAVORITE writers for film (Guy Ritchie and Luc Besson). The movie is about the odds and has a bit of action, gangsters and of course twists and turns (that only Ritchie and Besson could put together). But, at the end of the film ... you are still wondering.

Anyone seen these two films?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back Yard Re-Work

Since the spring we have been working on re-doing the back yard. Moving the shed a month ago was the first step. Removing bricks was the second. Putting in railroad ties has been the latest part of the rework. Here are two photos of the work. You can see that the hill is taking shape. After this, we'll be bringing in some rock and getting the beds in planting shape.

Thank goodness for a good weather weekend.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Baby Birds

Saturday afternoon I noticed that Moab was looking at the ground outside the enclosed
porch. She was licking her lips and looking ... very interested in
something. I went outside to find a very small bird sitting on the
ground screaming. He had those soft little down feathers on his head.
Just a few of them. And not many other feathers on his body. There is a
House Finch nest right above where I found him.

So, I put on some rubber gloves, had Mike get the ladder, and put the little
dude back up in his nest. Note that this nest just had 5 birds hatch
and there were now NONE in it. I could see two male birds fighting over
head and no one was going into the nest to feed the little guy.

About an hour later I noticed that Moab
was looking at the ground again. I went back out and the poor little
guy was on the ground again. I got the gloves and ladder to put him
back - but once back in the nest he launched himself right back out and
onto my shirt.

I was at a total loss for what to do with the
little guy. We have a total of probably 8 House Finch nests around the
house, so I had Mike go check the nearest one for babies. He found that
there was one bird that looked to be around the same age (same number
of funky feathers on his head).

With a held breath I put the
loan baby bird up into this strangers nest and then waited inside to
see what happened. Momma bird came back and started feeding both of
them.Ignoring the fact that one of them wasn't hers. As of today, the
baby is growing and the mom is totally caring for it! Who says you
can't mess with Mother Nature?