Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rants From The Airport

I'm sure in the new year I'll try to be less ranty. Or less judgmental. But for now ... I must post my rant (typed into my iPhone) from my last airport trip.

Please explain the muffin top pants and terrible shoes that people wear at the airport. Ever see those ass cheeks that are squeezed together so hard that you think the ass crack is going to explode out the top of the pants? Why are you wearing pants that are two sizes too small for you? Gold platform shoes ... in a snow storm? Really, you are not a Vegas showgirl. And even if you are, should you be wearing that out in public? I'd venture a guess that your mother taught you to dress better than that.

And what about those people who fart in public and they think you wont know who in the crowd did it. You are sitting next to me!! I totally know it was you, and so does everyone else! The restroom is right over there ... try a little walk.

Now my next question ... who came up with the tight low-rider pencil thin jeans that men are wearing these days? Your pants used to be baggy and showing off your underwear. Now the pants are SO tight that your satin boxers don't fit down the jeans. Yes, I can see them sticking out the top. If the ladies are muffin tops, the men are mushroom tops. maybe your next fashion conquest will be a man thong. At least that way I wont have to look at your Micky Mouser drawers.

You've walked by three times, I have a little comment. What the fuck is up with the fingerless weight lifting gloves? You are in an airport! Is there a Gold's gym on your way home? You should probably change out of those tight cowboy jeans before you do any squats ... I fear they might split down the back!

Is the real purpose of modern fashion to just show off tits, ass and other goods? If that is really the point, I'm going to have to design a new line. I'm thinking a bullseye flap that opens over and mans crotch (that way ladies can check out the goods before going home with you). For you ladies, I'm thinking let's do a see through shirt and chaps. Why fuck about?

I guess I'll never really understand the changing fashions. And I'll never understand how people can leave the house and show total strangers as much T&A as they do.

Friday, December 21, 2007


Just want everyone who reads my blog to ... well have a great holiday! Eat, drink and be merry.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Moab 1/2 Marathon

Well Erin, Krista and I found out that we made it into the March Moab half ... YIPPY! Now I'm just worried that it is the same weekend as a motorcycle race. I really hope not. But, if it is ... I'll be in a pickle!

You might be wondering why does it matter that we got in. Don't you just pay and get to run. NO NO NO. This is a lottery race. So, getting in is like Christmas presents.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Cat Abuse

When you are enough to give the best.
Get your kitty her or his very own wig! I know my kitties
would love it. Moab would really get into it.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Evening of Snow and Parties

Today was a pretty fun day. Mike, Krista and I went up to the ski hill to snow shoe around. Then I returned home to finish up 5 dozen cookies and get dressed for a cookie exchange. I'm of course pretty tired now. But, am ready to hike up the ski hill again tomorrow!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cloned Cats

These cats would scare the crap out of me at night. But, nice to see we can now clone cats and make them super hero glow in the dark!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday Snow

It really feels like the holidays when it snows! I just love it. Yesterday it started up around 2 and didn't really stop. It is still sort of snowing now. And of course the schools are on a delay - but not the lab.

This past weekend a group of us drove up to Denver for a baby shower. It was great fun to hang in the car and to see Karen (and her lump). The drive home was through crappy weather. But, what do you expect while driving up to Colorado.

Sunday I finally got holiday cards done, presents wrapped, and packages put together for shipping. I always worry that during the holidays packages wont get there on time if you wait too long!

I'll post photos of the snow. I'm hoping that it keeps coming down so I can go home and snowshoe! Now where did I put those snowshoes??????

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Morning Commute

This photo was taken this morning while I was driving up to work. It is a bit out of focus - and you have to look to see the herd of elk in the back ground. But, they are there. I was stopped for 10-15 minutes while they crossed the road.

Addressing Global Warming!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Prime Rib Dinner.

This past weekend Mike and I went to Cruces for his motorcycle banquet
dinner. It was at a hotel where it was suppose to be a prime rib
dinner. I was not interested in the chopped meat - but they did have
some lettuce and cheese/crackers.

Mike finished 8th over all for the experts. I got a bit of shopping done while down there - then we returned home.

is allergic to her food (we think). So, today I'm going to go get
something new and see if that helps her tummy! Hopefully it is
something as easy as that.

Mike leaves tomorrow for 2+ weeks of travel. I'll have plenty of time to fiddle with Moab's food while he is gone.